Have you ever had a concept or a word that keeps popping up over a period of time? Some may call this a coincident, but as a believer I tend focus in when I sense a consistent theme in my life because the Holy Spirit could be trying to teach me something.

For awhile now, the word anyway has been significant for me. The idea of doing things anyway….regardless of my fear, shame, what’s fair and even my feelings (which I am so guilty of giving too much weight).

 Awhile back my pastor shared a quote by Mother Teresa that again flashed the idea of anyway in my face.


After seeing this quote I decided to give this word “anyway” some more thought so I looked up the definition online:

anyway- (adverb) 1) despite something that has been stated [done] before

Then while sitting and thinking about Mother Teresa’s quote, pondering scripture, rehearsing the definition of the word anyway, and life itself here is the conclusion I was led to…

The idea of “ANYWAY” is the GOSPEL! It’s GRACE.

Christ’s death on the cross was an act of saving us ANYWAY….despite what we’ve said or done before and what we would say and do in the future. He did it anyway. God gave His son anyway! (John 3:16) 

I don’t know about you, but there are days (ok, maybe weeks) where my attitude and actions are often far from anything anyone would want to even be around, much less give their life for. Yet, the Creator God chooses to love me anyways and gave His Son for me anyways. How incredibly awesome is this Gospel truth?! 

With that said….it’s also incredibly sad how often I neglect the awesomeness and importance of the Gospel itself. 

I’ve been a believer for as long as I can remember. I really can’t even recall the part of my life where I didn’t know Jesus as my Savior. While this is an absolute blessing, it can also cause me to take the power of the Gospel for granted. Last summer, while chaperoning youth camp, the camp pastor said “We don’t go past the Gospel we go deeper into it”. I’m  ashamed to admit I’ve falsely believed, in several different seasons of life, that I was “past” the Gospel. Where the concept of the Gospel seemed too “Vacation Bible School” for my mature faith (ha!). That is so painful to type out. 

Thankfully, God still loves me anyway and through loving and gentle whispers He has reminded me that…

 The Christian life is about learning to trust that Christ loves us anyways (the Gospel) and in response to that truth we begin to rely on Christ to help us love anyways, serve anyways, be kind anyways, forgive anyways…all because of what Christ did on the cross ANYWAYS. 

Father, you know me and love me anyway. I am certain, if others knew every corner of my heart and mind the way you do, love wouldn’t be offered. Thank you! Thank you for the cross and the timeless truths of the Gospel. Please help me to grow deeper in my understanding of what Christ did for me and help me to never loose sight of its relevance in all things and in all seasons. Amen.